Data Exchanges

Each County utilizes data exchanges based upon a previous paper process and is designed to mimic and where possible, improve the process. They are electronic transmissions and contain data wrapped in an encrypted xml file which is sent via SSL using 256 bit encryption to the designated endpoint. Security on the messages is set higher than FBI standards. The transmission is accomplished via the CJIS Enterprise Service BUS. CJIS is responsible for the Bus and its functionality and is housed in Des Moines.
It is possible that in some circumstances the CJIS services that are normally running are stopped. All that we need to do is restart those services on the ProLaw Server.
1. Open Task Manager on the ProLaw Server 2. If you have not already done so please choose “more details” and go to the services tab.
3. On the services tab locate the services that begin with the prefix CJIS_ that are currently stopped. 4. Right click on that stopped service and from the drop down menu choose “start”

Please submit a support ticket at if you are experiencing any data exchange issues after restarting the services. Please note that the best way to troubleshoot these items is to provide specific case numbers so that research can be done in conjunction with the data exchange vendor URL Integration.

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