Clear User Settings

For some problems, it is necessary to clear the user settings for a specific professional. To clear the user settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Ask the professional to exit ProLaw.
  2. Another ProLaw user must then go to Tools > Setup > Professionals (from the dashboard) or right click on the word ProLaw and select Setup (from the toolbar.)
  3. Select the professional experiencing the problem.
  4. Select Actions > Clear User Settings.
  5. Click Yes in the Confirm window. The Professional record will display a message on the bottom left stating, Setting cleared.
  6. Ask the professional whose user settings were just cleared to restart ProLaw and attempt to duplicate the problem.

Please note you will need to go in and reset the user's preferences in matters- i.e. Show notes in Events Tree and Show most recent matters first.

This article applies to:

ProLaw (all versions)

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